Evandro LMA

EKS Alihandro x Melinas Dream LMA,
by Ever After NA

2020 Chestnut Purebred Arabian

Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated


This pedigree is as exciting as it gets and the horse … even more so! Sired by World Champion EKS Alihandro, Evandro is out of full sister to living legend Pitonisa AS. He shines from the best parts of each horse in his illustrious pedigree.
This one is destined for a ton of attention.

Full Pedigree

Gazal Al Shaqab
Marwan Al Shaqab
Little Liza Fame
EKS Alihandro
Padrons Psyche
OFW Psylhouette
Hafati Julianna
Sir Fames HBV
Ever After NA
Entaicyng NA
Melinas Dream LMA
Padrons Psyche
Psyches Amber Dream
MI Amber Dream

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